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Cleaning A Hoarder's Home

Hoarding goes far beyond what could be considered to be normal collecting and it is done by someone who has a complex mental health condition. This condition makes it extremely difficult for the hoarder to get rid of material possessions. A hoarder will have a very difficult time getting rid of things of any value, even items that hold no financial value at all. Also, even items holding no sentimental value will become important. Not only can hoarders have problems hoarding material items, but some hoarders have problems hoarding animals. Hoarding causes someone to live in hazardous and filthy conditions where their entire home is full of items to the point there may be barely any free space at all. In fact, in many cases the person may share their bed with items and they might not have room in the kitchen for properly storing or preparing food. Here is information on helping clean a hoarders living quarters:

Family and/or friends should be involved in the process

When a hoarder finally agrees to have their home cleaned, the process will be extremely difficult for them. In most cases, the person will go through therapy before finally agreeing to the cleanup, or in order to prepare for it to be done.

Hoarders will need emotional support during the process, because it will be very hard on them and they will experience a wide range of emotions throughout the entire process. Friends and family can help them to get through it a little easier. Also, they will trust their friends and family more than strangers when it comes to helping them decide what stays and what goes.

Allow the hoarder to have control of the decisions

Although the person with the hoarding problem will need help and guidance when it comes to getting them through the clean-up, they must feel as if they have some control when it comes to what gets kept, what gets donated or sold, and what gets thrown away.

Safety issues must be taken

In most cases, the house the hoarder is living in will be extremely unsanitary. Some hoard food along with the other types of items, even rotten food and old food containers. Hoarders with issues hoarding animals will usually have animal feces all over the house. This creates conditions that are unhealthy to be in. Respiratory masks and gloves should be worn in the house. Also, there can be sharp items, so everyone needs to be sure they are careful when picking things up.

Dumpsters need to be a part of the process

It will be impossible to take care of the clean-up of a hoarder's home without at least one dumpster. In fact, in many cases the situation can be so bad that a roll-off dumpster will be necessary in order to throw away all of the things that need to be disposed of. Even a roll-off dumpster rental may need to be emptied during the process.