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How To Maintain A Clean Job Site

A clean job site doesn't just make the task at hand easier, it also prevents the site from becoming an eyesore. Further, it also helps your crew avoid unnecessary injuries that can result from a poorly maintained site. The following dumpster tips can help you maintain a safer, cleaner job site without much additional effort.

Tip 1: Get the Largest Dumpster Possible

The size of the dumpster matters. You don't want your job held up because the dumpster is full and pickup isn't for a few days. By renting the largest dumpster that will fit on the job site without compromising work space, you can minimize the amount of service calls you need to empty the dumpster. The only caution is if you will be doing heavy item demolition, such as disposing of lots of old concrete. In this case, a smaller dumpster may be necessary due to weight constraints. If a single large dumpster isn't possible, two or more smaller dumpsters can achieve similar aims while allowing you to take advantage of smaller spaces tucked around the job site.

Tip #2: Use a Garbage Chute

Some jobs require more than just an open dumpster. If your crew is going to be working on the roof or the upper floors of a building, a garbage chute is a must. These chutes allow the crew to throw items in the dumpster safely. For example, during a roof tear-down it can be common for the crew to simply toss the shingles into the dumpster below. Some will miss, which can injure workers on the ground. Nails and other debris will also end up outside the dumpster, where they can pose a hazard. With a chute in place, everything is contained until it lands in the dumpster. Not only is the job site cleaner and safer, you won't need to waste a crew member on the task of cleaning up around the dumpster.

Tip #3: Get a Locking Model

Job site theft is common, unfortunately. You can cut down on trespassing by keeping supplies and equipment locked up after hours, but a dumpster will still attract some scavengers looking for construction materials or recyclable metals. Although the items in the dumpster are garbage, trespassers can pose a liability risk. A locking dumpster helps discourage these scavengers. Your crew boss can unlock and remove the lid at the start of the work day, and then lock it up again at the end of the day. A closed lid also keeps pests, rain water, and unwanted dumping out of your dumpster.

For more help, contact a construction dumpster rental service in your area.