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4 Ways To Get Serious About Your Trash

The trash that you accumulate is more than just items that need to go in the waste bin every week in your home. You can be intentional about how you handle your trash.

Separate Out Your Trash & Recyclables

There is no reason to throw items that can be recycled into the trash. The easiest way to keep recyclable items out of the trash is by doing so inside of your home. Set up different trash bins inside of your home to break up the different recyclable items. Contact your local trash provider and see what types of items they will pick up and recycle for you and find out the nearest place where you can drop off any recycling that they do not pick up.

Generally, you are going to want to separate out your plastic, glass, and cardboard. Anything that has come in contact with grease or food that can't be removed will need to be trashed.

Start a Compost

Next, you may want to start a compost as well. You don't need to throw away the food that you don't eat. Any food that you don't eat, that doesn't contain meat, can be put into a compost pile. You will need to combine some organic material, such as grass clippings, with the organic material, but that will help reduce the amount of trash that you need to throw away.

Start a Donation Pile

You should also have a donation bin. There are lots of things that you probably throw away over the course of the year that still work just fine that could be donated instead. For example, a pair of shoes that doesn't fit your feet right anymore, or a set of plates that you no longer like. You are going to need to drop off the donation pile every once in a while, but it is better than throwing away useful items.

Start Reusing Items

Finally, work to cut down the amount of trash that you create in the first place. Start by cutting down on the amount of disposable items that you use. Purchase your own canvas bags and use those bags for all your shopping needs, not just your groceries. Create a meal plan so you use all your food each week, and don't have to throw away unused food.

When it comes to your trash, be smart and intentional about what you throw away. Get involved with recycling. Start a compost for your non-meat food waste. Create a donation pile and start reusing items. Reduce your trash and create a more positive impact on the world.

Speak with a local garbage removal service for more information.