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Hire A Furniture Removal Service To Get Rid Of Old Furniture Before You Move

If you have second-hand furniture that doesn't have much value, then you might prefer to get rid of it rather than move it to your new home. By getting rid of your furniture, you might get all your belongings in a van or pickup and make the move easier. Getting rid of old furniture can be a challenge, especially if you live in an apartment and don't have help or a pickup for hauling it off. The solution could be to hire a junk hauling service that picks up furniture. Here's why that could be your best choice.

You Won't Have To Deal With Heavy Lifting

Sofas, recliners, and big tables are heavy and difficult to maneuver through doors and down stairs. You'll need helpers just to get your furniture outside, but you're still faced with what to do with it once it's out of your apartment or house. You might list it on online ad sites to pick up for free, but no one may be interested in old and worn furniture. Plus, you probably won't be allowed to leave the furniture on the curb at an apartment complex, and you probably don't want strangers wandering through your apartment to look at the furniture.

Instead, you'll need a solution that includes help lifting and moving the furniture as well as hauling it away. Simply moving it near the dumpster is probably not allowed since regular trash trucks can't pick up large items that can't be compressed. 

A Furniture Removal Service Might Recycle

Depending on the type of furniture you have and its condition, some of the pieces might be hauled to the dump while others might be recycled. Furniture that's in good shape might be donated so someone looking for affordable furniture can get some use out of it. Other times, furniture is broken down so that the wood, metal springs, and fabrics are separated and recycled for other uses.

The Hauling Service Does All The Work

When the furniture removal service arrives, all you have to do is show them the pieces you want gone, and the rest is taken care of. They might take pieces apart so that they are easier to take down the stairs and throw into a truck. Or since there will probably be multiple workers present with the right moving tools, they may move heavy pieces intact. They'll figure out the logistics of getting the furniture out of your way and out to the truck, so you won't have to be involved in the process at all other than approving the cost and making the payment.

If your furniture is still in excellent shape, then it could be worth the effort to try to sell it or give it away, but if it is worn out, then having it hauled could be the best choice. You'll not only have an easier time moving, but you'll also be able to start life in a new apartment or home with new furniture, and that could be a big benefit if you're moving into a much smaller place or you're ready for better furnishings.