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Talking About Garbage Removal Services Hello, my name is Missy Lionel. Welcome to my website about garbage removal services for small businesses. When I was a teen, I worked for a small business that did not have proper garbage services. Without this important service, the company owners struggled to properly dispose of their extra parts and trash. Since that time, I have remained interested in how garbage removal services work in the small business environment. I hope you will come by my site regularly to learn all you can about the removal of garbage by experts in this fascinating industry. Thank you for coming by.




Maintaining Security In Your Business Dumpster

Having a dumpster for trash removal is essential for your business, but keeping the contents secure is important for maintaining customer privacy and keeping your property tidy. Use these tips to ensure your dumpster is secure and not revealing industry secrets to the public.

Maintain A No-Paper Policy

Office paperwork can include lots of sensitive information, including account numbers, addresses, and even social security numbers. Maintain a no-paper policy by having all documents destroyed instead of pitched in the dumpster. Place bins for paper throughout the office that your staff can use to throw away documents, and collect them at the end of each day in a special garbage bin. You can then have the contents of the bin professionally destroyed, keeping paper out of the dumpster. Your garbage removal company may offer shredding or document destruction services as part of your service plan.

Create A Dumpster Corral

To keep people from picking through the trash, consider having a corral constructed to hold the dumpsters. This corral should include high fence walls and a locking gate, and it should be large enough for your garbage removal company to easily remove the dumpsters as needed. Give copies of the gate lock key to the garbage collectors so they can access your trash on removal days. You may also want to keep a recycling bin in this corral so your staff can place refuse in the appropriate containers for an Eco-friendly trash program.

Increase Pickup Frequency

One way to prevent your trash from piling up and creating a mess is to increase your garbage pickup frequency. This provides less of a temptation for dumpster divers, as trash won't sit around for days on end, and it prevents trash from pouring over the top of the dumpster and onto the ground. Talk to your garbage removal company about the average amount of trash you throw out, and come up with a pickup schedule that meets your needs.

Install Security Cameras

If you are concerned about dumpster divers coming onto your property after business hours, consider installing security cameras. These cameras can be situated in the parking lot, on your building, or in your dumpster corral to capture activity in and around the dumpster. Choose large, noticeable cameras to act as a deterrent, and work with your alarm company to connect them to your business security system.

Maintaining a clean area around your dumpster can make your business more attractive, so be sure to sweep up regularly and remove any litter that may have been left around the dumpster rental.