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Three Reasons Your Self-Storage Facility Needs A Roll-Off Dumpster

Operating a self-storage facility can be a profitable business venture, but you may also find that It results in a lot of trash and refuse you hadn't initially planned on. A roll-off dumpster might be just the thing your self-storage facility needs to make day-to-day operations easier. Here are just some of the many reasons to consider the addition of a roll-off dumpster to your business.

Eviction Assistance

If you have a process in place to evict tenants, you may find that some units may be filled with trash. Having a roll-off dumpster can provide a convenient way to dispose of waste left behind by evicted tenants or those who simply left without removing all of their items. Be sure to follow the state and local regulations regarding personal property left behind, and then take steps to get throw away any items that can't be sold or returned to the original owner.

Tenant Decluttering

From time to time, your tenants may want to clean out their storage units. This might include throwing away old or damaged furniture, or it might even mean clearing out much of what they have stored away. In some cases, people may decide that items they packed for storage are no longer needed, and they may end up throwing entire boxes of items away in the dumpster. Giving your tenants permission to use your roll-off dumpster for this purpose provides a perk of renting with you, and it also makes the cleanup process easier for them as well.

Daily Trash

Even if your tenants aren't throwing away furniture every day, you may find that the amount of trash your self-storage facility produces exceeds the limits for normal dumpsters. This may be due to lots of moving boxes and packing supplies making their way to the dumpster, or it may simply be that your facility is so busy with tenants that you simply have a lot of daily trash to contend with. Having a roll-off dumpster means that you'll have the space you need for loads of trash big and small.

Talk to your dumpster rental company about the amount of trash your business typically produces, as well as how many tenants you typically have. With this information, the company can help you to determine if a roll-off dumpster is right for you and which size dumpster might work best for your business. Once your dumpster is in place, let your tenants know about any rules you might have regarding its use. Contact a company, like MSG Waste & Salvage Inc., for more help.