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Say Good-Bye To The Holidays: What Items Can And Cannot Be Disposed Of In A Dumpster Rental

After the holiday season is over, you may have a lot of decorations and waste to dispose of. If your holiday decorations have seen better days, you may be considering renting a dumpster to help you get rid of what you don't need without having to take multiple trips to the dump. But before you start to throw your holiday trash away in one of these bins, it is important to know what can and cannot be disposed of in the dumpster rental. Here are a few common holiday items and whether they can be tossed in the bin or not. 

Holiday Inflatables

Holiday inflatables can be a fun and fast way to to decorate the outside of your home. However, if an inflatable no longer inflates, lights up, moves as it should or is beginning to look old, you may be looking to dispose of it. Holiday inflatables can be tossed inside of your dumpster rental bin. 

A Christmas Tree

When Christmas is over, you have to remove the decorations and unstring the lights. From there, you need to decide how to get rid of that Christmas tree. If you have a fake tree that you are getting rid of, it can for sure go in the dumpster rental. However, if you are looking to dispose of a live tree, you may or may not be able to get rid of it in a dumpster rental. Some companies will allow you to dispose of landscaping materials, such as rocks, wood, tree branches and limbs in the dumpster. Other companies do not allow it. As such, figure out what the company you are using allows, or just recycle your Christmas tree to be on the safe side. 

Christmas Lights

Another item that you may be looking to get rid of is Christmas lights. If the lights no longer light up or the wires are beginning to fray, you may be ready to toss them out. However, Christmas lights should not be disposed of in a dumpster rental. These items should always be recycled. The lights and wires contain material that can leach through the soil and into drinking water, so they need to be disposed of properly. 

Gift Wrap, Boxes and Bows

After the holiday season is over, you may have empty boxes, used gift wrap or bows to get rid of. All of these items can be disposed of in your dumpster rental. Be sure to break down boxes to maximize the amount of space you have. 

Dumpster rental companies will charge you hefty disposal fees and fines if you dispose of items in the bin that you should not. As such, it is important to obtain a list of items that can and cannot be disposed of from the dumpster rental company you are using. This helps to ensure there is no miscommunication and you understand what should and should not be disposed of. 

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